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For Immediate Release: June 11, 2019
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GEOSLOPE Introduces Two New Products to the GeoStudio Suite: SEEP3D and BUILD3D

Calgary, Canada (June 11, 2019) – GEOSLOPE International Ltd., a leading developer of geo-engineering software, announced the release of two new products today: SEEP3D and BUILD3D. These products provide two powerful new toolsets that can be easily integrated with GEOSLOPE’s GeoStudio suite.

“We are very excited to show our clients SEEP3D and BUILD3D,” said Paul Grunau, President of GEOSLOPE. “These new products integrate 3D modeling directly into the 2D workflow, increasing modeling speed and bringing the power of 3D analysis to all.”

SEEP3D unlocks the power of 3D groundwater flow analysis, while providing the same accessible project flow and comprehensive set of boundary conditions and material properties as SEEP/W. SEEP3D extends the functionality of SEEP/W to model a greater range of groundwater problems, including well-spacing patterns, natural slope hydrogeology, dam reservoir drawdown, and levee performance in response to flood events.

BUILD3D is a revolutionary software tool for constructing 3D analysis-ready geometries. It seamlessly integrates with the GeoStudio product suite as it may be added onto any existing 3D analysis product license, greatly expanding the user’s geometry creation capabilities. The feature-based design of BUILD3D allows for the quick creation and modification of a model at any point in its design history, providing huge time-savings. A suite of intuitive sketch tools and powerful Boolean operations are available in BUILD3D, including sketch, extrude, sweep, intersect, cut, merge, and imprint. BUILD3D generates a clean mesh with a single click of the button, removing the need to spend hours on manual mesh adjustment, and provides both import and export capabilities for CAD files.

Visit the SEEP3D page today to access the free public beta of SEEP3D and BUILD3D.

Media contact:
Paul Bryden
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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