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GeoStudio 2012 - Download the Engineering Methodology books for free

Learn why and how to model using our products.


Stability modeling with SLOPE/W.

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Seepage modeling with SEEP/W.

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Stress-Deformation modeling with SIGMA/W.

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Dynamic modeling with QUAKE/W.

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Thermal Modeling with TEMP/W.

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Contaminant Modeling with CTRAN/W.

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Air Flow Modeling with AIR/W.

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Vadose Zone Modeling with VADOSE/W.

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Troubleshooting with GeoMedic

GeoMedic is a troubleshooting tool that gathers information about your computer and any GEOSLOPE products installed on it. When you run it you'll get key information that will help our support team assist you. Just follow the instructions after downloading.


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Drivers & Utilities

Sentinel® HASP® Device Driver for Windows

For use with all USB hardware keys on all versions of Windows.



Add-In Software Development Kit

Add-Ins extend GeoStudio by adding new functions to all products and new constitutive models to SIGMA/W.

The Add-In Developer's Kit (SDK) includes instructions, templates and sample code to let you write your own Add-Ins.

Add-Ins SDK 2019 R2

Add-Ins SDK 2018
Add-Ins SDK 2012/2016
Add-Ins SDK 2007

GeoStudio 2007 Resources


Allows borrowing network licenses. Note: a special "borrowable" network license is required. Only supported with GeoStudio 2007.


License Migration

A GEOSLOPE utility for users of Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Windows Vista® to move GeoStudio 2007 license files to a"UAC-friendly" location.


GeoStudio Add-Ins

Add-Ins extend GeoStudio 2007 by adding new functions to all products and new constitutive models to SIGMA/W.

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Download SIGMA/W
Download AIR/W