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What's New in GeoStudio 2021 R2

This video summarizes the new features and improved functionality of GeoStudio 2021 R2, which includes updates to GeoStudio Core and the 3D products.

Importing Regions from AutoCAD

This video reviews the methods for importing regions from DXF/DWG files, common issues experienced when importing regions, and AutoCAD tips for resolving these issues.

Drawing and Defining Reinforcements

This tutorial describes the new features available in GeoStudio for drawing and defining the reinforcement geometry in SLOPE/W.

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Eurocode Design Case

SLOPE/W can be used to complete a stability analysis with the objective being to check an ultimate limit state in accordance with various limit state design approaches such as Eurocode 7, Norwegian Standard NS 3480, and British Standard 8006. The stability analysis is completed with partial factors applied to characteristic loads and soil strength parameters.

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Perched Water Table

This example demonstrates how to use SEEP/W computed pore-pressures in a SLOPE/W stability analysis.The problem creates a perched watertable under long term net infiltration of precipitation. This perched condition can only be properly handled by directly using the SEEP/W results in SLOPE/W.

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Cubzac-les-Ponts, France

In the 1970’s, a series of test embankments were constructed on soft clay at Cubzac-les-Ponts in France. These full-scale field tests were well-instrumented and are well-documented, and consequently provide an excellent case history. Two of the embankments are the subject of this article.

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Effect of Slope Aspect on Thermal Response

The surface energy balance boundary condition in TEMP/W is used to simulate the thermal response of two capillary barrier soil covers overlying municipal waste. Both covers are comprised of the same materials; however, one cover faces north while the other south. The simulated responses are compared to field measurements to explore the effect of slope direction on the thermal response within the cover systems.

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Stability Modeling with GeoStudio


Stability Modeling with GeoStudio
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Heat and Mass Transfer Modeling with GeoStudio


Heat and Mass Transfer Modeling with GeoStudio
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Static Stress-Strain Modeling with GeoStudio
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Dynamic Earthquake Modeling with GeoStudio


Dynamic Earthquake Modeling with GeoStudio
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