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Extend GeoStudio using Add-Ins provided by the GeoStudio community.

GeoStudio Add-Ins can be used in place of any internal GeoStudio function (such as those under the Define menu) or SIGMA/W material model.

The Add-Ins below are ready to use—just install them and restart GeoStudio—but you can also write your own using the Add-In SDK.

This Add-In implements the Darcy-Forchheimer equation for modeling flow at large velocities, when both viscous and inertial effects are present. It is ideal for modeling water flow in coarse-grained soils.

This Add-In implements Hamaker’s extension of the Schuster–Schwarzschild approximation for modeling radiative heat transfer in soils. It is ideal for modeling heat transfers in dry, coarse-grained, soils at ambient temperatures.

This Add-In simulates gas consumption due to mineral oxidation (CTRAN/W) and the heat generation (TEMP/W) caused by the associated exothermic reaction.  It is ideal for modeling the oxidation of sulfidic materials in mine wastes that lead to acid mine drainage.

The hypoplastic sand material model developed by Wolffersdorff (1996) and implemented by David Mašín at Charles University in Prague captures the pressure- and density-dependent response of both loose and dense sand for a wide range of stress conditions.