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Extend GeoStudio using Add-Ins provided by the GeoStudio community.

Saturated-Unsaturated SHANSEP Material Model for SLOPE/W

Saturated Unsaturated SHANSEP

This simple Add-In allows different tau-sigma ratios to be defined for the saturated and unsaturated zones.

Requires GeoStudio 2018 R2 or newer.


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Add-In Documentation


Technical overview (PDF)
Example file illustrating the use of this Add-In (GSZ)


How to Install and Use an Add-In


This Add-In provides the following functions:

Shear/Normal Strength Functions

Saturated Unsaturated Tau Sigma Model

Field Name Description SI Units U.S. Customary Units
Saturated Tau Sigma Ratio The tau sigma ratio for saturated soils.    
Unsaturated Tau Sigma Ratio The tau sigma ratio for unsaturated soils.    


What Is an Add-In?

GeoStudio Add-Ins can be used in place of any internal GeoStudio function (such as those under the Define menu) or SIGMA/W material model.

Some Add-Ins are distributed ready-to-use on the web site or from third parties, but you can also write your own using the Add-In SDK.

Installing this Add-In

Click “Install Add-In” above to download a self-extracting zip file containing the Add-In. The Add-In will be installed in the Add-In folder. By default the Add-In folder is %APPDATA%\GEO-SLOPE\AddIn, but it can be changed in GeoStudio under Edit - Options.

To uninstall the Add-In, simply delete the .dll from the Add-In folder.

Using this Add-In

After installing the Add-In, its functions can be used under Define - Functions in GeoStudio:

  1. From GeoStudio’s Define menu, choose a type of function that this Add-In extends.
  2. Click the Add button to add a new function.
  3. From the “Types” control, select “Add-In Function”.
  4. Click the “Select” button, and select this Add-In from the list.
  5. From the “Functions” control, select one of the functions provided by this Add-In.
  6. Select each “Function Field Name” in turn and type a value.

Understanding Units with Add-Ins

To figure out what units to use when entering values, first determine if your file's Units of Computation are U.S. Customary or SI (see Define - Project Properties - Settings), then use the units indicated in the appropriate column.