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GeoStudio is now supporting Seequent ID!

At Seequent, our goal is to enable you to work seamlessly throughout the lifecycle of your projects. To support this, we are proud to announce that the new release of GeoStudio 2021.3 now supports Seequent ID. Future versions of GeoStudio will continue to integrate more closely with other software products and services in the Seequent portfolio, and by using Seequent ID, you will be able to access this growing functionality through GeoStudio.

What is Seequent ID?

Your Seequent ID, which is your company email address, offers a contemporary, highly personalised experience with better transparency, new interoperability with other Seequent products, and enhanced security.

Your unique Seequent ID is a simple, secure sign in to access your Seequent products from anywhere without a dongle. It also gives you access to our secure customer portal MySeequent. MySeequent is full of personalised resources such as our free online learning paths, subscription management tools for administrators and an integrated and connected environment where your community of users can share and collaborate.

Online learning allows you to learn at your own pace and take your GeoStudio skills to the next level. Complete the full training courses to get you started or jump in to brush up on particular skills.

Subscription management tools allow administrators to view and manage your organisation’s subscriptions and users.

How do I create a Seequent ID?

Setting up your Seequent ID takes less than a minute and costs you nothing. Simply go to and register for a Seequent ID with your company e-mail address and some basic information. You’ll be asked to verify your email address, and then you’ll be set to go. To personalise this experience contact us today discuss switching to a Seequent based subscription.

See this Knowledge Base article for a complete description of the process to create a Seequent ID.

Contact us for further information

Contact if you have additional questions about Seequent ID and how it can benefit your organization.