GeoStudio is now supporting Seequent ID!

We are proud to announce that the new release of GeoStudio 2021.3 now supports Seequent ID. Future versions of GeoStudio will continue to integrate more closely with other software products and services in the Seequent portfolio, and by using Seequent ID, you will be able to access this growing functionality through GeoStudio.

What is Seequent ID?

Seequent ID is your key to using your GeoStudio subscription license and provides access to MySeequent, and Seequent products and services for your GeoStudio license.

What is MySeequent?

MySeequent is a secure customer portal to access all the information you need including support and learning, product downloads, a community of fellow users, and subscription management tools for administrators.

Registration takes less than a minute and doesn't cost anything.

Why do I need a Seequent ID?

If you have a GeoStudio subscription license, you will sign in using your Seequent ID to use the software.

You will also use your Seequent ID to access all the latest GeoStudio resources via MySeequent. These include our online learning platform, updated example files, software support, and the latest versions of all Seequent products.

How do I create a Seequent ID?

It’s quick and easy to create a Seequent ID with your e-mail address and some basic information, visit and use your business email address to create one. You’ll be asked to verify your email address, and then you’ll be set to go.

See this Knowledge Base article for a complete description of the process to create a Seequent ID.