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A powerful suite of integrated software products for geotechnical modeling & analysis.

Licensing Options

When purchasing GeoStudio software, you must consider what form of licensing will best fit your needs.


Named or Shared

GeoStudio software products are sold as "concurrent use" licenses. The software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers in your office. The number of simultaneous users of the software is restricted by the number of licenses purchased.

Named: Open access for dedicated users

The Named Seat option allows unlimited use of the software for a dedicated user for the subscription period. This offers the security of predicatble costs while allowing unrestricted usage for a named user.

Shared: Maximise the value of Seequent solutions across your team or organization.

Open up access to your team so everyone can collaborate and reach the best outcome for your projects.
Each shared seat allows any number of users to access the software, limited to one user per seat at any given time.
Users select the number of days that they need at start up, and if they are finished early, signing out will free up the Seat for the next user.

Can I change license types?

It is possible to change your license type from named to shared at any time, though costs may be incurred. Please contact [email protected] for details.

Annual or Monthly Subscription

All of our full-feature products can be leased for one-month or one-year terms. At the end of the subscription period, the license expires and the software will no longer function. The license can be renewed for another term.

Subscription licenses are secured by Seequent ID.
Seequent ID, is a simple and secure sign in enabling you to easily access all of your personalised resources and solutions. Your unique Seequent ID provides access to MySeequent, and Seequent products and services.