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Reinforced Walls and Slopes

GeoStudio provides comprehensive tools for analyzing reinforced walls and slopes.

The analytical challenge

Many classes of geotechnical engineering projects require additional mechanical support to ensure stability during and after construction. This mechanical support may range from geosynthetics to tie-back anchors or retaining walls. Excavations are often preceded by installation of sheet pile walls and then these are anchored or braced as construction proceeds. Stresses in the structural components need to be estimated so that they can be designed to accommodate the anticipated loading. Man-made or natural slopes are often reinforced to increase stability and minimize risk.

The GeoStudio solution

GeoStudio has many options for dealing with structural reinforcements. In a more rigorous analysis, the structural component properties can be included in a stress-deformation analysis so the forces and moments in the structure can be computed along with the interaction between the structure and ground. A stability analysis can also be carried out with all or part of an assumed structural load component applied to the sliding mass. Structural components can be applied and removed to simulate actual field conditions. Whether it's wall loading, deformations, or stability, GeoStudio has a method to address your concerns.

Solution Examples

Explore documented examples of how GeoStudio can effectively analyze reinforced walls and slopes.

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Tie-Back Walls

SIGMA/W allows for the simulation of complex construction sequences including the creation of tie-back walls with prestressed anchors. The results can be easily compared to field measurements for wall deflections, and an iterative modeling procedure can be used to obtain close agreement between the predicted and measured values.

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Braced Deep Excavations

GeoStudio can simulate the behavior of deep shored excavations in soft ground. For example, GeoStudio can accurately model the 6 case histories presented in Halim and Wong’s paper in Underground Singapore (2005), where deflections of the shoring walls were measured during construction.

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Reinforcement with Soil Nails

Soil nails are often used to improve the stability of slopes. Soil nails are one of several reinforcement options available in GeoStudio.

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Stability of MSE Walls

Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls are structures for retaining the earth under bridges, highways, water front ports, and other forms of infrastructure. Designing an MSE wall requires consideration of the geometric configuration and reinforcement
requirement to ensure both internal and external stability.

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