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GeoStudio 2012 Doesn't Work Over Remote Desktop on 64-Bit OS With a USB Key


GeoStudio can't find a valid license when running in a Remote Resktop session on a 64-bit operating system even though a USB license key is attached. The USB keys also do not appear in the License Management dialog under the FLEXnet host IDs section (having "FLEXID=9" prefixes).


The USB license dongle drivers are 32-bit and are not compatible with 64-bit operating systems. This is a restriction from our USB dongle provider and is beyond our control.


GeoStudio 2012 and above support electronic activation licenses in addition to USB key licenses. Activation licenses do not have the driver compatibility issue. Exchanging your USB key license for an activation license will allow you to use GeoStudio 2012 and above in Remote Desktop sessions on 64-bit operating systems.
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