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Corrupted File


Message is displayed indicating your GeoStudio (*gsz) file is corrupted.


The GeoStudio data file (*.gsz) can become corrupted due to a number reasons. Possible reasons include disk or network errors while writing to the file, or the process updating the zip file (e.g. the solver) crashing part way through a file change.


If a .GszXmlBackup exists, you should be able to use it to get your model definition back. The .GszXmlBackup is generated before GeoStudio modifies the .gsz file.  To open a .GszXmlBackup file, first rename it to some other file name with the extension .Xml. E.g., Rename “MyFile.GszXmlBackup” to “MyFile Backup.Xml”. GeoStudio should now see the .Xml file and be able to open it. At this point you can use “File->Save As” to replace the corrupt .gsz.

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