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GeoStudio Compatibility with Windows 10 FAQ


This FAQ addresses the most common questions when considering upgrading your operating system to Windows 10


Which versions of GeoStudio are certified to work with Windows 10?

·       The GeoStudio August 2015 release is the first version of GeoStudio that was published supporting Windows 10.  All other versions of GeoStudio are certified for the version of Windows available at their time of shipping.

Which versions of GeoStudio are compatible with Windows 10?

·       Although older versions of GeoStudio are not certified to work with Windows 10, our testing indicates that GeoStudio 2007 version 7.23 and the GeoStudio December 2014 release do function properly under general conditions with the initial release of Windows 10.  Since Windows 10 is constantly being updated by Microsoft, the aforementioned versions of GeoStudio may not continue to work with Windows 10. 

Regarding GeoStudio, What should I be aware of if I am considering upgrading to Windows 10?

·       We suggest being on the latest version of GeoStudio if you are considering upgrading to Windows 10.

·       If you have multiple licenses of GeoStudio, we recommend having all of them upgraded to the latest version.  Once you upgrade to a newer version, older versions of GeoStudio may experience problems opening files created or modified on newer versions.

·       Because older versions of GeoStudio are not certified for Windows 10, if you experience problems during installation or using the software, we may not be able to help you.  Your only options are to revert back to a previous version of Windows or upgrade to the latest version of GeoStudio.

How do the different Windows 10 Upgrade options affect my current installation of GeoStudio?

·       When upgrading to Windows 10, you are presented with three options of “What to keep”.  If you choose:

o   Keep personal files and apps – the upgrade process should not affect your program installation, locally stored work files, or licensing status.

o   Keep personal files only – the upgrade process will not affect your locally stored work files.  It will remove GeoStudio and any licensing set up on your computer.

o   Nothing – the upgrade process will remove all traces of the GeoStudio installation, locally stored work files, and any licensing set up on your computer.

What do I need to know about upgrading if I have an Online Activation license?

·       Depending on the method of upgrading you choose, your online activation could be affected.  If you choose to keep your personal files and apps, nothing should happen to your online activation.  In our testing, online activation persisted during this upgrade process.  If you are choosing to keep personal files only or nothing, you should first “Return” your online activation license.  Then, once you have re-installed GeoStudio, your previous activation code will be ready to re-activate the software on your computer.

What do I need to know about upgrading if I have a Certificate license?

·       If you have a certificate license in the form of a USB Key, you will need to ensure you have the correct HASP Device Driver for Windows 10 installed before the license will be recognized.  If your certificate license is bound to the MAC Address of your computer, nothing else should need to happen for your licensing to work.

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