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Retired USB Keys



Certificate based licensing binds the GeoStudio license to a Host ID.  One type of Host ID is the FLEXID number of a USB Key.  When licensing technology advances, some older USB Keys are not compatible.

Flexera—the provider of the licensing technology used in GeoStudio—has deprecated support for HASP4 USB Keys.

Versions Affected

All HASP4 USB Keys, starting with GeoStudio 2016 (version



When using a HASP4 Key in conjunction with licensing in GeoStudio 2016 (version and later, GeoStudio can experience significant performance issues.  When Flexera completely stops supporting the HASP4 USB Keys, future versions of GeoStudio will not support this type of key at all.


Owners of older USB Keys have the option of changing to a different licensing method or purchasing a new USB Key that is compatible with the latest GeoStudio licensing technology.

The following steps will help you identify if you have a HASP4 Key:

  1. Attach your GeoStudio FLEXID Key to a USB Port on your computer.

  2. Check that the red light on the Key is illuminated.

  3. Start the Device Manager.  The Device Manager is found in the Windows Control Panel.

  4. Navigate to the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” entry and expand it.

  5. Look for the device named “Sentinel USB Key”.

  6. Right-click on this device and select Properties.

  7. Navigate to the Details tab.

  8. Select the “Bus reported device description” property.

  9. If the description says “HASP4 USB 1.33”, you have a retired HASP4 Key.  If the description says “Sentinel HL”, you have a newer HASP Key.

If you have a HASP4 Dongle, please contact to discuss your options.

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