GeoStudio Annual Maintenance Program


GEOSLOPE offers a comprehensive annual maintenance program for GeoStudio. We deliver feature updates in GeoStudio throughout the year, rather than producing a major release every few years. With the purchase of annual maintenance, you will receive new features sooner and continually remain current with the latest software.

January 1st, 2021, GEOSLOPE implemented the following maintenance policy for GeoStudio perpetual licenses:

New perpetual licenses will require the purchase of one year of annual maintenance. This will ensure all new clients have access to the latest product releases and technical support. Subscription licenses include maintenance for the period the license is active.

Perpetual licenses with maintenance that expired more than two years ago can no longer be renewed. Once maintenance has been expired for more than two years, the license will no longer be eligible for upgrading and will remain in its existing version forever. Perpetual licenses with maintenance that expired less than two years ago can still update the license by paying lapsed maintenance fees.


1. What are the benefits of annual maintenance?

  • Immediate access to the latest updates.
  • Access to technical support*.
  • Access to new releases at no additional cost.

2. Do I have to purchase annual maintenance?

  • The first year of annual maintenance is required with the purchase of all new perpetual licenses. Subsequent years of maintenance are optional.
  • Maintenance is included for all subscription licenses for the period the license is active.

3. How does annual maintenance work?

  • Annual maintenance is effective for 12 months to the last day of the month that the maintenance was purchased.
  • You will have automatic access to all software updates released while your maintenance is valid.
  • You will have access to full product technical support*.

4. What happens when the maintenance for my license expires?

  • Your existing software version will continue to work. Software updates released after your maintenance expires will not work with your license.
  • You will no longer be eligible to receive technical support*.
  • Maintenance can be renewed by paying any lapsed maintenance fees, to a maximum of two years. Once maintenance has been expired for two years, the license is no longer eligible to be upgraded.

5. How much does annual maintenance cost?

  • One year of annual maintenance costs approximately 20% of the initial purchase price of a perpetual license.
  • See Price List for more details.

6. What happens if the maintenance for my perpetual license expired more than two years ago?

  • Your license is no longer eligible for maintenance and cannot be upgraded.

7. Can I let the maintenance for my license expire and renew at a later time?

  • Yes, as long as your maintenance expired less than two years ago. You can update to the latest version by paying the lapsed maintenance fees.
  • If your maintenance has been expired for more than two years, the perpetual license is no longer eligible for maintenance and cannot be upgraded.

8. How do I convert my perpetual license to an annual subscription license for free?

  • Converting your perpetual license to an annual subscription is a permanent change. Once you convert your perpetual license to subscription, the perpetual license will no longer be available to you.
  • The new subscription license will be the same product and license type as the perpetual license. The first year of the annual subscription is free. After the first year, you have the option to renew your annual subscription at the normal rate. See Price List.
  • You also have the option to upgrade to a bundled license or network license by paying the difference in the subscription license cost.
  • To see if your license is eligible for this promotion, please send your serial number to

GeoStudio 2012 was retired on December 31, 2020.

On December 31, 2020, all versions of GeoStudio 2012 reached end of life status.  GEOSLOPE now considers GeoStudio 2012 a legacy version.

1. What happens when a GeoStudio version reaches end of life status? 

  • There will be no further updates to that version of the software. 
  • There is no assurance that the software will continue to work with newer operating systems or computers. 
  • No access to technical support*. 

2. Will my version of GeoStudio stop working? 

  • No. Technical support* will not be available, but the software will continue to function as long as you have a valid license and the software is installed on a computing platform that your version supports. 

3. I have a perpetual license, can I continue to use it after the software is retired? 

  • Yes, you can continue using your perpetual license. However, we will no longer provide technical support* for any issues you encounter. 

4. I want to reinstall my legacy version of GeoStudio and continue using it.  What do I need to do? 

  • You will need to download and install your legacy product on a computer with an operating system that was supported at the time your legacy product was released. 
  • You will need to have the correct license available. 
  • You may need to install the latest driver and/or license file for USB Dongle licenses. 
*Technical support includes, among others, assistance with:
  • Software use, engineering analysis, and training.
  • Installing software.
  • License activations and returns.
  • Re-hosting, dongle replacement, and / or updating license files.
  • Recovering software or licenses from hardware and software failures.
  • Bug fixes or software patches.